I can´t breathe

<![CDATA[ I can´t breatheBelorado, Spain Belorado, Spain If you think being a pilgrim these days is difficult, think again. Tim and I are on a dream trip. A couple days ago, as we were speed hiking up a hill, I puffed to him, ¨I can´t breathe because I have too much chocolate in my mouth.¨ […]

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Going it alone

<![CDATA[ Going it aloneLorca, Spain Lorca, Spain Today we go separate ways from Kiera and Lillie. Last night we had a wonderful time hanging out in Pamplona eating 1-2 euro tapas and drinking 1 euro cerveza. Seriously. This morning my stomach felt like it had a rock in it, and while Kiera and Lillie were […]

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Taxi to St Jean Pied de Port

<![CDATA[ Taxi to St Jean Pied de PortBiarritz, France Biarritz, France We arrived in Biarritz and the weather was WET! We met Kiera and Lillie right away, as soon as we made our way to the pilgrims office actually; what luck! We got our pilgrim passport and fumbled our way through speaking a mixture of […]

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Everyone loves the Irish

<![CDATA[ Everyone loves the IrishDublin, Ireland Dublin, Ireland The biggest highlight of our Irish trip was going to the highest pub in Ireland with our old friends, Rob and Julie and their 2 new family additions, Sofia and Gideon. Dublin, Ireland is all about hanging out in Irish pubs and listening to live music. Turns […]

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