My body is a machine and yours is too.


My body is a machine and yours is too.
Roncesvalles, Spain

Roncesvalles, Spain

The trail starts with a lot of mountain climbing and we were thrilled that the rain had stopped for a while. The French Pyrenees are stunning and despite the relatively gloomy weather, I was having a ball. As a trail runner from Seattle, I was in my element, and I remember a particularly poignant moment when I looked at Tim and shouted “My body is a machine¨. At that moment I was feeling strong and was thankful for my excellent conditioning leading up to this day. I also realized there were people of all shapes and sizes starting on this trail and thinking that their bodies were machines too, but maybe they didn´t know it yet. I would find on Day 4 that people would be hobbling, suffering from blisters, and beginning to doubt their own abilities of finishing. Speaking of that, our friends, Kiera and Lillie, who are mostly cross fitters and who make fun of us for our non-traditional running infatuations, held up like champs and Kiera didn´t even complain.



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