I can´t breathe


I can´t breathe
Belorado, Spain

Belorado, Spain

If you think being a pilgrim these days is difficult, think again. Tim and I are on a dream trip. A couple days ago, as we were speed hiking up a hill, I puffed to him, ¨I can´t breathe because I have too much chocolate in my mouth.¨ As the reality set in about what I had just said, we started laughing hysterically as we thought about the trials and tribulations that pilgrims today face. It may be true that pilgrims in the old days suffered, but these days pilgrims on The Way encounter wine fountains, 1 euro beers, and 1-2 euro tapas, sandwiches, and espresso. We run or walk or hike a few miles while chatting and meeting people from across the world then we stop for refreshments. For my ultrarunner friends, I´ll let you in on a secret, bocadillos and espresso are great for fueling. At´1-2 in the afternoon we check into our Albergue where we shower, get a bed, and wander the ancient city streets while preparing for the next day. We treat ourselves to a 3 course meal each night, it´s only 10 euros, where the wait staff offers us 2 options for drinks-wine or water- the price doesn´t change regardless of our choice.

Even though we´ve covered over 120 miles on foot, Tim´s complaining that he thinks he´s getting a beer belly. He isn´t, but I tell him that he is as an incentive for him to drink less. I don´t want him to start acting like those party animal Spaniards who we have met along The Way.



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