I´m disconnected


I´m disconnected
Mansilla de las Mulas, Spain

Mansilla de las Mulas, Spain

Over the last week or so, Tim and I have been less and less interested in staying connected to the internet. That means not so many blog posts, no e-mail checking, and no keeping up on current events. Actually, today, I can´t even remember the password for my e-mail account. In my defense, that´s because I had to change it when I went to Dublin and my e-mail got hacked.

Here are a few updates from our trip:
We are currently making our way across the Meseta, which is a very flat and hot section on the Camino. We are pushing hard to get in some decent miles so we can stay in Leon for 2 nights and get some good rest.
Last week we decided to lump 2 days into 1, meaning that we covered 30 miles in a day so that we could stay in Burgos for 2 nights. When we arrived in Burgos we followed our usual routine, get a beer asap. Then we did something different, we tried to figure out how to get a hotel. We met 2 nice ladies in the Office of Turismo, which was closed, and they showed us to a ´very nice place which we are sure you will like. It´s very old and it has a view of the cathedral.´ We were certain we couldn´t afford that, but were very pleasantly surprised to find out it was only $65 Euros and we had a view of the cathedral AND out over the fiesta that started that day! Later that night we were awakened by fireworks that framed the cathedral. The party kept going until the next morning, but we were so tired we didn´t even attempt to join in on the fun.

Here are our biggest challenges:
Waiting until 7 at night to eat dinner or anything seriously substantial. Most restaurants offer tapas, but not reliably in the Meseta, but even tapas aren´t enough for our manly appetites. We are hungry and we want to eat now!
It´s getting hot and being from Seattle, we don´t do very well in the heat. We soak ourselves in the fountains every chance we can get.
Tim said his knees hurt sometimes. Lately, I´ve been having some minor shin splints. Not bad considering we´ve covered 250 miles, I think.
We don´t speak very much Spanish, but luckily most everyone will speak English with us.
Our guidebook by Brierly is getting on our nerves. Let´s just say we´re super prepared for all he horrible parts of the trail.
Worrying every night that every tiny little itch I feel while I´m in bed is due to a bed bug. So far, I haven´t seen any.

One final thought, if you´re interested in seeing pictures from out trip, Tim has uploaded them to facebook. You might need to friend him to see them, but don´t hesitate to send him a request, he´ll be friends with anyone. https://www.facebook.com/t.s.mathis



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