Pain in the quadriceps


Pain in the quadriceps
Melide, Spain

Melide, Spain

This is what we get. We have been feeling great and bagging back to back 25 mile days so we thought we would be able to get to Santiago about 5 days earlier than planned. But today we had to bail on our plan as Tim started to have some pain in his quadricep. It probably started after a steep and fast downhill descent, but it got worse today even when running on the flat. Now he´s doing all those good things like resting, icing, compressing, and elevating. I was hoping we could get him a massage too, but it´s Sunday. Apparently massage therapists don´t work on Sunday. That didn´t stop the host at our Albergue (pilgrim hostel) from calling the massage therapist at their home and asking them if they might come and do it! (They couldn´t, but that´s OK.)

Tim is super bummed with the change in plans, but I´m not really bothered at all. What´s the rush in completing a trip of a lifetime? We will be arriving in Santiago soon (2 days), we still plan to go to Finisterre (the end of the Earth before America was discovered).

The weather has cooled and we are now in Galicia, the part of the country where you eat octupus and see amazingly beautiful scenery with rolling hills and farmland, old stone houses, misty mornings that clear to stunningly clear and beautiful and less hot afternoons. Life is still good even though sometimes you have a pain in the quadriceps.



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