Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain

We are in Barcelona and have been very excited to see our long time friend, Susan, who currently lives in Germany but is from New Zealand. We have been complete tourists getting on the Hop On and Off Bus, going to the beach, walking Las Ramblas, seeing the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell. Being in Barcelona is giving us a chance to live the big city lifestyle and partially process some thoughts and experiences we´ve had along The Way.

It´s difficult to believe a six week (!) trip is coming to an end. I´m relieved to have reaquainted myself with the things that are important to me in my life, and I´m surprised how easily it is to forget about those things when being so busy with life and work. This was probably my primary goal at the outset of the Camino, and I´m happy to have accomplished it. It is sad to see this amazing trip come to an end but also exciting to think about going back to Seattle to see all the friends who we´ve grown to love. There are some dramatic changes coming up as for the first time in a very long time neither Tim nor I will be students! Actually, only 1 year in the last 11 years has this been the case! Yeah!

In addition to the no student thing, I´m particularly excited to get back on the Washington mountain trails and have some adventures with our adventurous Washingtonian friends. There are SO many things coming up for us this summer and fall that I´m looking forward to — going to Squamish, a 3 day trip in the Cascades, a 3 day trip around Mount Rainier, our first 100 miler (eep!), going to California –these plans all make Seattle seem very appealing. Despite this, I´m already looking forward to the next big adventure, New Zealand perhaps?



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