Baby Got Pack

The idea for a music video featuring my hard core friends had been swirling in my head but I was lacking inspiration. We were taking a trip to The Enchantments which happens to be one of the most beautiful places in Washington. I announced I would be wearing a party dress to cover the 20 mile hike/run. I was not surprised when I arrived at the trail head and most in our group also decided to wear party dresses.

After watching Ellen’s “Anaconda” video this past summer, I got the inspiration I needed. My intrigue was not due to the oily, shaky, big butts on perfectly shaped professional dancers. It was because Ellen bravely jumped in showing how unnatural it all was. As Ellen, a person who appears rather petite and graceful when doing her own dancing skits on her show, danced along with Nicki Minaj and the other skilled dancers, she looks awkward…and hilarious.

I realize for many people, covering 20 miles in a day is a challenge. For this group, it is a short day on the trail and one that’s meant to be enjoyed. We are IronMan triathletes and ultra-runners.  We love being outdoors, and this time, we decided to dance.



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