Doing fine as we attempt to get our hiking legs under us.

Carrying an extra 35 pounds on your back under the desert sun should not be underestimated! 

We are doing it, though somewhat slowly. Blisters have been a problem for me, slightly. We are settling into our way of living which includes getting up with the sun (6:30 or so), breaking camp-still establishing routine- hike, eat, hike, eat, 2-3 hour siesta, hike, eat, hike, find a good place to throw up a tent, eat as much as we can, dive into our sleeping bags, sleep, wake up to look at the stars, sleep wake up to stargaze, sleep. Repeat. 

That’s what life is like right now with one exception. Tony and Michelle, friends from San Diego, came to hike with us a couple miles on day 2 and made us a huge, fresh, delicious dinner served up with some beers! That dinner definitely helped ease the transition!  


4 thoughts on “Doing fine as we attempt to get our hiking legs under us.

  1. You guys are doing awesome. My boyfriend and I hiked 1300 miles on the PCT last year and had a blast. Most of our adversity (blisters) all happened within the first 2 weeks. We taped our feet a lot! Keep it up and have a blast!!!

  2. Don’t give up…that’s not an option. And one beautiful day/starry night at a time! I miss you guys and love you and envy you!!

  3. I love hearing from you and getting a sense of what life if like for you and Tim.

    Sarah’s colleague Jeannie has a husband who just started on the trail a few days ahead of you. Keep your eyes open for a gentleman whose wife works at Rainier Scholars. She asked me if you all have trail names. Is that something you can share with the rest of us:) Big hugs to you both.

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