Amazing things are happening

1) It stormed. We were at the Warner Springs Resource  Center after a shower, a breakfast, a lunch, a ride to and from the post office. Then the center closed and several of us waited under the awning of the building expecting to get into wet tents soon. Then Nancy, who runs the center drove up, got out and said “I just can’t sleep at night knowing you’re out here. Do you all want to sleep inside?” So, we went in, slept out the storm, then awoke to a crystal clear day and went for a walk.

2) Today we found a sweet cache with sodas, iced water, a mini library, oranges, and some post cards! 

3) My sunglasses fell off my person at some point and another hiker picked them up and met me at the cafe down the trail where I was eating breakfast and lunch. 

4) We stumbled out of the woods onto a trail angels place, Mike Herrera, who had smoked chicken and fresh watermelon for all! 

We’re getting our trail legs and feeling happy.  



2 thoughts on “Amazing things are happening

  1. The trail provides!
    I heard about the bad weather that came through, good hear you weren’t caught out in it.

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