Won’t you take me to…Hikertown?

We’re in the Mojave desert at a kitschy place known as Hikertown. It’s a country western themed town that appears to be built from shipping containers, corrugated steel, and particle board. Tim and I scored the ‘honeymoon sweet’ complete with a down duvet. It doesn’t have electricity but for a $10 per person donation, who […]

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Snowstorms and deserts

After hiking through the Mojave desert and soaking in some natural hot springs along the way, we’ve found ourselves holed up in the super, hiker-friendly town of Wrightwood, California. It’s a sweet, little conservative, town nestled at the base of Mt. Baden Powell.  Less than 24 hours before our arrival, Tim and I were in […]

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Hiker diet fad

Being on trail means lots of time to think. As I think less and less about how bad my feet hurt, my mind is turning to other things, like weight loss. It occurred to me that the Hiker Diet Fad hasn’t caught on, and I’m not sure why. Here are the rules of the hiker diet. […]

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