Won’t you take me to…Hikertown?

We’re in the Mojave desert at a kitschy place known as Hikertown. It’s a country western themed town that appears to be built from shipping containers, corrugated steel, and particle board. Tim and I scored the ‘honeymoon sweet’ complete with a down duvet. It doesn’t have electricity but for a $10 per person donation, who would complain? We may have chosen to sleep on top of the duvet in our sleeping bags, but we are grateful for all the trail gratuities we’ve been receiving along the way. 

We’ve been amazed by all the hospitable trail angels in the past week. Last Sunday for  every couple miles of hiking we were treated to trail-side beer, hot dogs, hamburgers, or fresh fruit. It was greatly needed after snow hiking all day on Saturday to the summit of Mt. Baden Powell then snow camping, something that I generally don’t find very fun.

We are setting out on the notoriously hot and windy section across the desert tomorrow. Lucky for us the high is predicted to be a very tolerable 70 degrees farenheight.  In case you’re wondering, we are very average in both our hiking speed-2.5-3 miles per hour- and distance covered each day- 20 miles. Overall we find ourselves feeling better with every day. 


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