13 years and 13 reasons

June 1 was our 13 year wedding anniversary. As we hiked along the trail, we recounted previous year’s anniversaries and surprisingly couldn’t remember what we had done to celebrate for the majority of years. We agreed that this year is definitely one to remember and we made it more memorable by racing to the Kennedy Meadows General Store Near mile 702 on the PCT, arriving just prior to the grill closing. The burgers and ice cold drinks were the only things we really wanted for our anniversary and they were delicious.

As we hiked, I asked Tim if he could think of 13 reasons why he’s stayed married to me over these 13 years. He responded, “I’d need to think about it, but I probably can.” So I’m waiting on his list, but here are 13 reasons that I still love Tim after these 13 years. 

  1. We simultaneously whistle “Eye of the Tiger” when we find ourselves needing motivation.
  2. Tim is the perfect big spoon.
  3. He has fully embraced the dirtbag,thru-hiker lifestyle including growing a beard that is home to a complex society of micro-organisms.
  4. He had enough guts to change careers in his 30s taking up nursing and introducing a new level of flexibility to our lives. 
  5. He has written 2 books. If you haven’t read them, you should. They’re available on Amazon-search Tim Mathis.
  6. He’s really good at belting out impromptu 80’s song medleys. 
  7. He ran 95 miles around Mount Rainier.
  8. He is a Master of Theology.
  9. He ran across Spain with me.
  10. He’s extremely patient-he’s a children’s nurse, for children with mental health problems at that!
  11. He is an expert at pointing out the humorous parts of a tense situation.
  12. We moved across the world and lived in New Zealand for a couple years.
  13. We supported each other equally through many years of higher education and tumultuous professional transitions.

From here, we head on to the Sierra and this marks a perfect start to our 14th year of marriage, I think.

(This post was written in Kennedy Meadows on June 3. There wasn’t service at the time of writing it so it was posted later.)


4 thoughts on “13 years and 13 reasons

  1. Wow this is the best anniversary essay i’ve read. Really touched me. Let me wonder what’s my own 13 years and 13 reasons? And i LOVE the pic. You both look happy and contented. That’s marriage should be.
    Tom and I watched “Do more with less” last night, a PCT film. I really thought about you guys a lot. Must be so wonderful and relieved to make it to Kennedy meadow, specially before the grill ends. And it means you guys are done with desert! Yay, big deal!
    Have fun in high sierra! Amazing place. Keep it up, and take care of each other. We miss you!!

    1. Thanks Vivian! I am so happy to receive this message from you as we head into the high Sierra! It’s perfectly timed since you and Tom are the one’s who introduced us to the JMT and inspired us to hike the trail. That inspiration morphed into hiking the PCT and here we are!

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