Life in San Pedro, Guatemala 

I’m in Guatemala now and life is generally low stress and mostly made up of sitting around learning Spanish. Tim has been sick, probably with Zika (just kidding), so we haven’t been seeking out many physical adventures. 

Life in San Pedro, the village where we are staying, is simple. We have a basic room where the walls and ceiling are painted sky blue and accented with a stencil of Santa Maria on the door and two on the ceiling. We sleep on a queen bed that’s plenty comfortable and we have a simple 3×2 foot table on which to place our belongings. There are a few nails sticking out of the walls where we hang some clothes. Our family has electricity and our room is lit by a single bare fluorescent lightbulb in the middle of the ceiling and stapled to the side of the wall is a wired switch and outlet. 

The public water gets turned on 3 times a week to fill the house’s water tank. I’m told this is unusually infrequent because ofa current drought. The water tank is adjacent to the open air sink that is for brushing teeth and washing hands, clothes, and dishes. We do those things by using a large bowl to scoop water out of the tank and pouring it over our hands or soaking our dirty items. This is quite sophisticated, compared to other places I’ve been. 

There is lots of good street food and the mother of our host family cooks us 3 meals a day, each complete with fresh made corn tortillas. San Pedro residents are treated to beautiful mountain and volcano vistas overhanging the large blue-green Lake Atitlan. The mountains are enticing, but worrying, since they are covered in thick foliage and there are many warnings to avoid hiking without a guide due to armed muggings or getting lost in the difficult to navigate jungle. So far we have hired a guide through a cool organization that is connected with our language school called Trek for Kids. Does anyone out there have experience wandering off into the Guatamelan jungle who can share worthwhile tips with us  about how to approach this?


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