Tamales and cake

My birthday happened. It was nice to receive so many messages from people I’ve met during adventures and years past. I was tickled to have this reminder of how many cool people I’ve had the privilege of meeting across the years from my years of schooling to my professional life; from my experience on The Camino to the PCT and from friends across the globe. Seriously, I am amazed at the people I’ve met in these 36 years. 

It was fun to celebrate with new friends here in San Pedro la Laguna too. Unfortunately I woke up with a sore throat and figured I had what Tim was recovering from. It was a bit of a downer to cancel our plan of climbing to the top of San Pedro Volcano before I even got out of bed but the birthday cake my host family served for breakfast made up for it. Sadly, I was so malaised that the day kind of came and went without me taking much notice, but the other thing worth mentioning is that Javier, a coordinator at our school, served up handmade tamales, and I was treated to more birthday cake during the daily break. It was a special treat to sit there and eat while looking out over the lake and mountains in such good company consisting of Javier and Tim, Andrea, my teacher whose birthday we also celebrated, her brother and school coordinator, Jose,  and another student, Ryan, from Canada. Oh, we also solidified our plans to go to Chile! 


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