Grit and Grace TWO

I am so excited to see a second Grit and Grace coming up next Sunday on 3/5/17. If you came to the first G&G you’ll remember that it featured 4 female pioneers of outdoor adventure. Liz, 65 y.o., shared her story of running through motherhood and how she still regularly finishes 100 milers. Cheri, 62 y.o., shared her stories of running at least a marathon every month, and taking up open water swimming, and scuba diving. Carmelita, 72 y.o., shared about her experiences sea kayaking, running, and cycling. Then Helen Thayer, National Geo explorer, shared her breath-holding story of when she encountered polar bears while being the first person EVER to ski to the North Pole.

I heard from attendees for months about how that inspired new adventures, including myself. I left to walk the 2650 mile Pacific Crest Trail within a month of the first G&G, and I thought of and told other people who I met along the trail of these inspiring women and their stories. This event and the adventures of these women occupied my thoughts during the monotonous steps on so many occasions.

A major criticism of the first event, if you can call it that, was that it seemed to the listener like these women had to sacrifice their families in order to follow their grand adventure dreams. Knowing them, I do not think this is the case, it simply was not the story that we focused on during the event. Actually, I think this idea of ‘I can’t do that because I have responsibilities,’ is the story that our powerful minds craft so that we can convince ourselves that we cannot possibly seek out a giant, beautiful, powerful adventure.

After 2 years, I am excited to share Grit and Grace 2: Adventure Family Edition. It is meant to appeal to the person who has family responsibilities, yes, but MORE IMPORTANTLY it is meant to appeal to all of us who want to take-up a grand adventure. I have hand-picked 2 families who got extremely creative in order to achieve their family adventures in spite of the daily responsibilities and obligations that we all face.

The first is the Martin/Wade family who hiked on the Appalachian Trail for 7 months with 4 children-including 6-year-old twins and a daughter with Down Syndrome. The second is The Fagan family who biked across Tanzania all together and skied unsupported to the South Pole while pulling 220 pound sleds behind them, well Chris and Marty did, but they had to get creative with how they would loop their son, Keenan, in on that adventure. Check out the website to learn more and get creative yourself to find a way to come to this event. Go ahead: BUY TICKETS HERE


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