Grit and Grace TWO

I am so excited to see a second Grit and Grace coming up next Sunday on 3/5/17. If you came to the first G&G you’ll remember that it featured 4 female pioneers of outdoor adventure. Liz, 65 y.o., shared her story of running through motherhood and how she still regularly finishes 100 milers. Cheri, 62 y.o., […]

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A calling

I just finished my 4.5 month contract with a family health center as a primary care nurse practitioner. Working in primary care, as always, is extremely rewarding…and painful. I can’t deny those facts. For the second time in the last year, I have had the opportunity to assist in being the primary provider in opening […]

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Bests and Worsts

Here are some of my favorite and least favorite things from my recent travels through Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina. BESTS Tour– Costa Rica white water rafting. From the start, this tour was extremely well organized with highly competent guides. Pick-up was on time, instruction was above average, the tour […]

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Central America

Today I’m leaving Central America and going to South America. During my travels in Central America I have seen many things starting with Guatemala, a land of natural beauty with volcanoes erupting everywhere and indigenous cultures with people still wearing traditional dress making every attempt to preserve their culture.     From there I went to […]

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Tamales and cake

My birthday happened. It was nice to receive so many messages from people I’ve met during adventures and years past. I was tickled to have this reminder of how many cool people I’ve had the privilege of meeting across the years from my years of schooling to my professional life; from my experience on The […]

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