Tamales and cake

My birthday happened. It was nice to receive so many messages from people I’ve met during adventures and years past. I was tickled to have this reminder of how many cool people I’ve had the privilege of meeting across the years from my years of schooling to my professional life; from my experience on The […]

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Life in San Pedro, Guatemala 

I’m in Guatemala now and life is generally low stress and mostly made up of sitting around learning Spanish. Tim has been sick, probably with Zika (just kidding), so we haven’t been seeking out many physical adventures.  Life in San Pedro, the village where we are staying, is simple. We have a basic room where […]

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Guess what. Chicken bus. 

So far, Guatemala is like I imagined but with more   thumpin’ music and black-smoke-belching vehicles. Immediately before you watch this, burn some oil in a pan and keep all your windows and doors shut. When you hit the play button you will be experiencing the same thing as us.          

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Oh yeah. I completed the PCT.

Yup, I finished the PCT on September 29, 2015. Since being off trail, I have experienced a variety of emotions, but the predominant one at the time of finishing was relief. Even now, I wake up every day feeling relieved that I do not have to walk 25+ miles, especially today, when I woke up […]

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